A (Satur) Day In The Life of Eva McKend

Eva McKend, WCAX-TV Morning Anchor

Bio: I moved to Vermont in the bitterly cold winter of 2015. Despite that tough season, I Love Vermont. I came to the state to work at WCAX as a morning anchor but have really grown to enjoy the community. Burlington is such a culturally rich and vibrant city and in the warmer months there’s never a shortage of activities. I often tell friends back home in New York City that between the hiking trails and time spent on the lake, every weekend of the summer can feel like you are on vacation.

Morning ritual: My day starts dark and early. I have to be to work around 2 AM for the 5 AM show so I don’t have a lot of time for rituals. I’m usually streaming the Vermont Public Radio app on my phone. At that time in the morning, they are usually airing BBC radio. I love waking up to the British accents and international news.

Recreation outdoors: It’s definitely time to hit a beautiful trail before jumping in Lake Champlain. Favorite hike to date: Hunger Mountain. Fortunately I got down okay. The sun goes down remarkably early in the summer. Don’t let the night catch you! Recreation indoors: If you are a young professional in Vermont and you don’t have children, there are still a lot of wonderful ways to include them in your life. I really love spending my time with the South Burlington Mentoring Program. It’s incredibly organized and structured and gets you into the schools once a week. I also enjoy spending my time with the preschoolers at the King Street Center in Burlington. Winter recreation: I enjoy looking at the scenery from a quaint warm indoor location. The front row seats are pretty nice at Scout & Company in Winooski. I personally recommend the smoked maple latte. It will keep you warm because the drink is on fire…literally. I’m not a skier but I’m thrilled about the new ice skating rink in Stowe. Rainy day activity: Great day to go to Burlington movie theater The Roxy or get lost at independent book store Phoenix Books.

Local cultural venue: I love Higher Ground. I saw the Ballroom Thieves perform there. I’m impressed with the diversity of talent Higher Ground brings to the venue. I also enjoy a night out at Nectar’s or catching a show at the Flynn.

Guilty pleasures? Ben & Jerry’s on Church Street… sorry, not sorry

Friends in town: Shelburne Farms, the Burlington Farmers Market, Shelburne Orchards, Mount Philo; Friends with kids: Echo Center; With Parents: Stowe Pinnacle, Church Street, Magnolia’s

My favorite sunset vista is viewed from: Burlington waterfront

On the town, or out of town – night-time festivities include: Anywhere Burlington DJ Craig Mitchell is spinning is bound to be worth the effort to get downtown.

Turning in: I call Burlington home and I’m incredibly proud to live here. It’s really nice to walk down the street and be able to stop and talk to the mayor. Burlington is a great American city and probably one of the most bustling small cities in the country. Bustling small city almost seems like an oxymoron but I guess this one is the exception…there really is that much to do!

You can follow Eva on Twitter and Facebook at @evamckend and evamckendofficial

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